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Covered Bridges Of
Cottage Grove, Oregon

(Route Info below)

Cottage Grove has earned the title as the "Covered Bridge Capital of the West." There are six beautiful Covered Bridges within a few minutes of downtown.

Building dates of the bridges range from 1920 to1987. In the earlier days of construction, steel and concrete was hard to come by and since timber was more accessible, the bridges were built from locally-cut timber and then covered to keep the rain from aging them. The older bridges are a standing testimony to the skilled craftsmen living in the area.

Picture of original bridge

Chambers Railroad Bridge

About a half a mile from Main Street on South River Road, just past Harrison Avenue, this bridge is the only remaining covered railroad bridge in Oregon. The original bridge was built in 1925 to bring logs to the J.H. Chambers Mill in Cottage Grove. The original bridge was 78 feet long but has recently been rebuilt into a neat tourist stop and photo opportunity site.

Stewart Covered Bridge Cottage Grove Oregon

Stewart Bridge

This 60 foot bridge, built in 1930, is located on Garoutte Road. It was open to vehicular traffic until 1982, despite heavy damage. It has been restored and is now a pedestrian bridge.


Dorena Bridge

Located on the south side of Dorena Reservoir on Shoreside Drive, Dorena Bridge was built to connect Government Road and Row River Road. Constructed in 1949 for $16,547, the 105 foot long bridge has been since bypassed with a concrete span.

Centennial Bridge

Located in downtown Cottage Grove at the corner of Main Street and River Road, this pedestrian bridge was built in 1987 with recycled timbers that were salvaged when the Burmbaugh Bridge was dismantled. Adjacent to the bridge in the City Hall building, a scale model of the Currin Bridge, shown at the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver, B.C., is on display.

Currin Bridge

The Currin covered bridge was originally built in 1925 and was rehabilitated in 1995. It is located on Layng Road and spans 60-feet across the Row River. The Currin Bridge is now open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

Mosby Creek Bridge

The Mosby Creek bridge, also on Layng Road, was named after David Mosby, a pioneer who staked a donation land claim nearby in 1853. Built in 1920 for $4,125, the 90 foot span is the oldest surviving covered bridge in Lane County, and the only local covered bridge open to traffic. The Mosby Creek bridge was restored in 1990.

Lane County, Oregon was the first Oregon county to build covered bridges on a large scale and currently maintains more than any other county west of the Mississippi.

The surrounding areas of Cottage Grove (Lane County) have a total of 20 covered bridges that can be toured on any given day! Sixteen of them are listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Fourteen are still open to traffic of some sort.

Here are the names of the other covered bridges located in Lane County: Goodpasture, Lake Creek, Deadwood, Coyote Creek, Earnest, Belknap, Lowell, Wendling, Wildcat Creek, Pengra, Parvin, Cannon St.., Unity, and the Office Bridge.

Cottage Grove Covered Bridges -
Tour Route Information

Begin at the I-5 / Cottage Grove Exit (174) which will put you on Row River Road. Go left (east) and follow this road for approximately 5 miles. The first bridge of the tour (on the right hand side of Row River Rd. / Laynge Rd.), is the Currin Bridge. You will notice its unique appearance with white portals and red sides. The original bridge here was constructed in 1883. It was then replaced in 1925 and restored in 1995. After this stop, continue East on Row River Rd. approximately 5 miles (you will see Dorena Lake on your left).

Keep your eyes out on the right hand side of the road and you will see the spectacular Dorena Covered Bridge. This bridge was originally built in 1949 in conjunction with the Dorena Dam on Row River. The Dorena Bridge was restored in 1996 and is now a popular spot for tourist and locals alike. You can even drive through this covered bridge with your car or truck!

Dorena Covered Bridge

Once you have visited the Dorena Bridge, it is time to head back to Cottage Grove by returning west on Row River Rd. - the same road you came up on. At the intersection at Mosby Creek Road you will find the Stewart Bridge. This was constructed in 1930 and spans 60 feet over the Mosby Creek. Below this bridge is a swimming hole considered by many to be the best in the county.

Turn on Mosby Creek Road and follow this to Layng Road. Here you will see the Mosby Creek Bridge. Built in 1920, this covered bridge is the oldest in Lane County. This 90 foot bridge spans Mosby Creek and is still in service today.

Turn left on Row River Road and follow this to Highway 99 south and then to Main Street. Take Main Street west to River Road. Located beside City Hall on your right (north side of the street) is the Centennial Bridge. This covered bridge is constructed from pieces of two previous bridges which stood here. The Centennial Bridge was built in 1987 in commemoration of Cottage Grove's 100th birthday.

Once you have visited the Centennial Bridge, head south on River Road. A little ways down River Rd. on the left side of the street, you will see the Swinging Bridge. Though the current incarnation of this bridge is stationary, the name came from previous bridges which stood here that could swing from side to side. This bridge was originally used by school children crossing the Coast Fork on their way to and from school.

Continue on River Road south past Harrison Street. just past Harrison / River Rd., you will see the Chambers Railroad Bridge on the east side of the street. This covered bridge, built in 1925, was constructed by J.E. Chambers as a way to get to the timberlands from his sawmill. This original 78 foot bridge is no longer in use and the City Of Cottage Grove has recently rebuilt the bridge into a neat tourist stop and photo opportunity location.



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